Diversity and inclusion are key enablers and critical to our ongoing success


Chevron Australia recognises diversity and inclusion are key enablers in creating a high-performance organisation and critical to our ongoing success. Our talent is a key strategic advantage, and we strive to create teams with diverse perspectives to drive stronger performance and sustain competitive advantage.

We believe employees who feel accepted and valued within the workplace are more engaged, productive, and innovative – each of which contributes strongly to retention and attraction of talent.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy is critical to achieving our high performance vision.  A key component of this strategy is achieving gender equality. Far more than simply a social need, we consider it a business imperative. We understand that diversity and gender equality positively improve organisational performance in a range of settings, including safety, efficiency, productivity, and innovation. 

In 2018, Chevron Australia set an internal aspirational goal to achieve a gender balanced workforce by 2030. We consider this to be a commitment to both our workforce and the communities in which we operate and are focussing on three key areas: attraction of female talent, workplace flexibility and support, and developing and retaining a diverse workforce.

As part of our drive toward this goal, we have reviewed and re-evaluated our processes and policies to ensure they are equally accessible to women and men. We’ve explored and identified new ways of working to ensure flexibility is encouraged for all personnel and aimed to eliminate the stigma than can be ascribed to part-time working mothers.

Our focus on talent attraction and retention has seen us reshape our employee value proposition, including ensuring our facilities, business policies and programs are attractive to females at all levels. Our robust talent and succession process allows us to develop our employees, providing an environment of continuous learning while fostering opportunities for progression, which is vital to achieving even representation at senior levels.

While achieving our goals and aspirations is part of an ongoing journey, we are determined to maintain momentum. We know that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture strengthens business performance, drives innovation, increases employee engagement, and contributes strongly to long-term success. By fostering a workforce that reflects and embraces diversity in all its forms, we will continue to strengthen our position as a market leader.

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