Laura Allen – Process Owner, Woodside Energy


Laura Allen is a talented female tradesperson with an infectious personality, a passion for her trade and a natural leader. Throughout her career she has always been different – often the only woman on site and usually the youngest – which has built a resilience and drive that is an inspiration to others.

At a young age she identified she wanted to learn a trade and became an electrical apprentice, winning Apprentice of the Year at Electrical Group Training. Laura’s approach and work ethic has led her to be recognised for her capability and leadership.

She has spent approximately 10 years working offshore and in 2015 became Woodside’s first female Registered Person Electrical, meaning Laura was responsible for the safe execution of all electrical work performed on the offshore facility she was based in. In 2018 she moved into a leadership role supervising a team of 80 people offshore. Laura completed 2 overseas assignments 2013 and 2018 in the Singapore shipyard leading a diverse and multicultural team.  In 2019, she moved into a temporary office role for 18 months developing more business skills and stepping up as delegate for the General Manager Operations.