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Gender Equality Plan

Clough’s Gender Equality Plan was implemented in 2019 and is being rolled out across the company, with a focus on developing skill pool managers to lead the commitment to achieving gender balance.

The rollout of the plan is built around an appreciation that gender equity is a business-critical issue for Clough, the engagement of senior male leaders in understanding the importance of their roles in leading that commitment, and equipping leaders with the tools to attract and retain talent regardless of gender.

Key aims of the plan include building a gender-balanced talent pipeline; ensuring gender pay equity by basing total fixed remuneration on position, qualifications and experience; challenging mainstream working options by promoting flexibility as the standard option; encouraging industry to improve the talent pipeline for females into STEM pathways; and seeking to influence suppliers by asking if they have policies in place of gender equity.

The plan is already achieving strong results from a variety of perspectives. Clough’s remote working cohort this year comprised 39 per cent men, who traditionally have not participated in these opportunities. Meanwhile, eight of the 11 members of Clough’s most recent intern intake were women, while the current graduate intake of 16 includes seven women.