Kristen Pelc


Brief info

Principal Commercial – South 32

Kristen’s time in the resources sector has primarily been spent in the South32 acquisitions and divestments team, where she has often found herself to be the youngest person and only woman at the negotiating table.

In 2018, Kristen was part of South32’s first major acquisition, a US$1.3Bn investment in Arizona Mining that delivered a world-class zinc deposit. In 2019, Kristen was a key contributor to South32’s divestment of its South Africa Energy Coal business, a transformational transaction to both South32 and South Africa’s empowerment agenda. During the two-years that the complex transaction was executed, Kristen lived and worked between Perth and Johannesburg.

Despite being a young female working in a male-dominated industry, Kristen has always been her authentic self. Determined to carve her own path and break down barriers, Kristen hopes to be an example that you don’t need to blend in to fit in, or to have a successful career.

Kristen is a passionate advocate for young women in the industry. By speaking about her own experiences, Kristen has encouraged hundreds of young women to pursue non-traditional roles. She has presented to university lecture classes, spoken at industry events and for the last eight years has participated at student career fairs.

Kristen is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is currently studying a Masters in Applied Finance.