Linda Deverell


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Process Owner – Thiess Pty Ltd

Linda Deverell’s journey to become a Mine Production Controller and Crew Trainer at the Rocky’s Reward project in Leinster is a strong reflection of her determination to forge a career in the WA resources sector.

Originally from New Zealand, Linda moved to WA in 2008 seeking opportunities in mining that would enable her family save for the future. But after making the tough decision to leave behind her eldest son and events management business, Linda’s early attempts to break into mining were limited by an economic downturn. She eventually found work in facilities management at mine sites and from there progressed into roles in equipment operation.

Linda is skilled in the operation of haul trucks, water carts, rollers and excavators. In her current role, she has helped implement and manage new dispatch and mine control technology, participated in the Women in Mining WA mentoring program and represented Thiess at the 2020 Women in Mining Summit.

Linda is a strong advocate for creating career opportunities for women in mining and her high standing at Rocky’s Reward is evidenced by the fact she trains and mentors all new-to-industry ‘green skin’ operators and dispatch controllers.