Michelle Keegan


Brief info

Program Director Technology Development – South32

As South32’s Program Director Technology Development and leader of the Next Generation Mine program, Michelle is responsible for leading the identification, design and delivery of technology and innovation for greenfield projects and the translation for brownfield operations. With a non-traditional technology background, Michelle brings her strategy and mining experience to deliver this program.

Among Michelle’s projects of focus is Hermosa, Arizona, viewed as a blueprint for South 32’s future projects and to inform opportunities for current operations. Taking a value chain lens and leveraging an external ecosystem, the opportunities she has led spans digital technology, current state and novel mining and processing methods. Under her guidance, Hermosa has deployed a digital project delivery approach as part of collaboration with partners including Stanford University. The project also focusses on paths to carbon neutral, including options for renewable energy supply and the adoption of a battery electric vehicles. The holistic approach Michelle has championed – which includes strong consideration of environmental and community impacts – has industry-wide potential.

Michelle is known as a people-centric and collaborative leader, regularly giving time to mentor those early in their careers. This includes presenting at Curtin University, advising students from Stanford, the University of British Columbia and Griffith University, remaining involved with alumni and advisory activities at the WA School of Mines.