Natasha Hendrick


Brief info

Principal Geophysicist – Santos

Once struggling to determine how she could be a scientist when she just couldn’t make being one of five women in a university engineering cohort of 500 work, Natasha Hendrick is now a successful geophysicist and role model for women in both the WA resources sector and the world of STEMM.

A Rhodes Scholar, internationally published research scientist, and Churchill Fellow, Natasha started working as a geophysicist in the coal industry in her native Queensland, before making the leap to the oil and gas industry when she moved to Perth in 2007.  She is currently Principal Geophysicist for the Offshore Division in Santos and is particularly passionate about championing digital transformation.

Natasha is a strong advocate for equality and increased opportunities for women in STEMM.  Her spirit of resilience and persistence grew from her childhood on the family farm, and strengthened through her years in musical theatre, travelling and volunteering.  In 2020 she received a Global Medal of Service for Girl Guiding.  Natasha is currently a board member of Earth Sciences WA and a board advisor for Women Who Code, and delivers workshops to mentor and support young professionals.