Nynne Rasmussen


Nynne Rasmussen – Lead Operating Model and Business Planning

Nynne has tackled some considerable hurdles to become one of the youngest Leads at South 32 – not only leaving Europe alone for a career in consulting that took her to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, but also battling aggressive breast cancer over the past six months that has seen her undergo surgery and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Her ability to thrive despite these challenges is in part down to an adventurous and diverse upbringing, that saw her live in Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, and then study at universities in Copenhagen, Bangkok, India and Australia. Since first working in the resources sector for a New Zealand oil refinery in 2017, Nynne has risen quickly through the ranks and joined South 32 in April 2021, helping establish the company’s Innovate32 strategy and approach.

Throughout her young career, Nynne has volunteered for public speaking engagements to share knowledge with fellow consultants, and joined Q&A panels to promote a better understanding of the integration of immigrants into Australia. She is an active mentor for both young men and women and a passionate and vocal advocate for breast cancer awareness.