Sharon Pearce

Shell Australia

Sharon Pearce – Offshore Crane Operator / Service Technician

After being separated from her father at an early age, Sharon reunited with him at age 22 and promptly found out she came from a long line of riggers and crane operators – sparking a passion in her that would be life-changing and which remains today. Sharon realised early on that to make it in the crane world as a female and get opportunities on bigger equipment she’d have to go places that other people weren’t prepared to go and this resulted in her leaving her native New South Wales to work in a variety of remote sites in the Pilbara, Goldfields and off the Northern Territory. She joined Shell’s Prelude team in 2016, her first experience in an offshore role and one that initially took her to the shipyards of South Korea.

Sharon is currently a Services Technician on the Prelude off WA’s North West coast, where she became the first certified fully competent offshore female pedestal crane operator in Australia in 2021, and is responsible for the safe operation of cranes worth millions of dollars. She is well-known at Shell for her willingness to mentor both male and female colleagues and for her efforts in peer support, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.