Tell a story. The more detail you can include the better. This gives judges an opportunity to go on their journey and visualise their experiences.

Don’t write in bullet points. This is an extension of the above – bullet points are impersonal and provide a summary, not a story.

Stay close to the word limit. This doesn’t mean including unnecessary detail to use up space, however most successful nominations use 75% – 100% of the word limit.

Nominations in the individual categories should primarily focus on the nominee and their achievements, not the company.

Be careful with jargon, technical terms, and project specific language. Judges can’t judge something that they don’t understand.

Provide explanations. The nominee may have played an instrumental role in a significant project however without any context about their specific role or what the project was, this can be difficult to judge.

Provide examples, don’t brush over the detail. If something was challenging, tell the story of what happened and why it was challenging.

Once you have completed the submission, reread it as though you don’t know anything about the nominee or any of the project’s they have been involved in. Does it capture who the nominee is and is it easy to read?

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